What is IOA with SumaGrow inside?

About the product

IOA SumaGrow inside is a liquid concentrate composed of liquid humates and beneficial microbes which perform a variety of complementary functions that promote soil and plant health. It can be applied to soil, seeds, and plants.

IOA SumaGrow is an eco-friendly, broad spectrum, stimulative, poly-microbial inoculant, with multiple, complementary functions. The product, in layman‘s terminology, consists of concentrated “Mother Nature.” Perhaps, even more importantly, is what the product line is NOT. It does not contain genetically modified organisms (GMO) or growth hormones whose long term effects are unknown. It is not irradiation or chemicals which can be harmful to humans, livestock and the environment. It is not petrochemical based.

IOA SumaGrow is akin to feeding a human organically grown food and nutritional supplements in a nurturing environment rather than junk food and steroids in a neglectful environment.
Conventional farming utilizing petrochemical based fertilizers – Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium (N-P-K) – is the equivalent of using steroids; they will produce gains in the short/medium term while causing environmental degradation in the long term, likewise for pesticides.

IOA⁣ SumaGrow Mission Statement

The mission of IOA SumaGrow is to give environmental responsible solutions to our customers for the optimization of costs and sustainable production to grow healthy food for a healthier community.