Amenity Horticulture

“Sadness is but a wall between two gardens.”  – Khalil Gibran

Amenity Horticulture refers to the management of plant growth for ornamental purpose.


Global Amenity – Jack R. Hammet sports complex, California.

Gardens, Parks & Reserves.

Hobbyists, Arborists, Florists, Turf People & all those drawn to the plant kingdom as a source of life, IOA SumaGrow welcomes you to a chemical free approach in Horticulture.

Photosynthesis is the the very basis of planetary life, a process which requires the sun, water & chlorophyll to produce sugars for plant growth. Our pursuit in Horticulture aims to maximise the process by facilitating greater plant health through soil aeration, irrigation ,drainage , humus production & microbial action.

Microbes are micro-organisms capable by their very nature of “unlocking ” fixed nutrient . Given the fact that 98% of any soil’s nutrient is bound within soil structure if we encourage microbial activity by adding IOA with SumaGrow® inside plant crops are able to access otherwise non-utilised nutrient.This provides any grower of plant material an infinite organic advantage.

IOA with SumaGrow® inside is a patented organic product ( OMRI ) containing microbes & humates. The Micro-nutrients found in humates, such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron and manganese, among others are very important in the development and growth of plants. They are needed in small quantities, but are necessary for plant health, growth, metabolism and synthesis.

The application of IOA with SumaGrow® inside assists the natural process for the improved health of all plant life.

Recommended Spray Application Rates:

Step 1: Apply IOA with SumaGrow® inside at planting.

Annual Garden Plants : 25ml / 1m2
Shrubs & Trees : 250ml / 100m2
Turf : 10 litres / hectare
Potted Plants : 5ml / 200mm diameter container

Step 2: Apply IOA with SumaGrow® inside 3 to 4 weeks after initial application.

Annual Garden Plants: 25ml / 1m2
Shrubs & Trees: 250ml / 100m2
Turf: 5 litres / hectare
Potted Plants : 5ml / 200mm diameter container

Step 3: Apply IOA with SumaGrow® inside as a nutrient catalyst at 6 weekly intervals throughout the growing season.
Annual Garden Plants: 25ml / 1m2
Shrubs & Trees: 250ml / 100m2
Turf: 5 litres / hectare
Potted Plants : 5ml / 200mm diameter container

Pre application Storage and Agitation

IOA SumaGrow should be gently agitated prior to application. In small containers, simply shake the container prior to spray loading.
The product contained in totes also requires agitation prior to sprayer loading. ( an air wand or paddle agitator can be used )
IOA SumaGrow that has been stored, agitate and pour through a fine screen to avoid spray system clogging.
IOA SumaGrow container caps should be loosened upon receipt of product and remain so until the product is applied.

Application Notes:

Calibrate the sprayer prior to application to assure the recommended application rate is achieved.
If soil organic matter (OM) is low (i.e. heavy sand or heavy clay soils) increase the initial application rate by 2.5 litres per hectare for all applications.
Apply in late afternoon or at sundown to ensure optimal absorption
For second application: Foliar application is suggested.
Apply chemical fertiliser @ 50% usual rate OR omit entirely from program allowing microbial action to release the soil bound nutrient.

Avoid extreme temperatures. Store at 4°C – 26°C.

Co-Application Notes.

IOA SumaGrow can be co-applied with your irrigation water through a metered irrigation system.
IOA SumaGrow can be applied with some liquid fertilisers and herbicides. A jar compatibility test is always recommended prior to application.
IOA SumaGrow should NOT BE CO-APPLIED with fungicides and fumigants.


Improved stem vigour & darkening leaf intensity evident with early & more numerous bud sets for greater seasonal floral display or fruiting.
Increased shoot growth.


Plants-people agree an increase in the supply of nitrogen can be visually detected in the leaf or vigour of a plant within days.
Applying IOA SumaGrow releases soil bound nitrogen & other nutrient improving soil health & plant vigour within hours of application allowing physical improvements to be noted after a short period of time.



Note: It is accepted results will vary depending on local conditions to a greater or lesser degree. Whilst every care is taken in the formation of indicators no responsibility can be taken for the accuracy of these forecasts in any particular zone.