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Summary of Trial Results in India

Application :

Return Crops Only : via Tape or  Lateral Irrigation. 

  1. Apply 2.5 litres IOA SumaGrow per hectare approximately one week after sugar cane has begun to sprout.
  2. Apply 2.5 litres  IOA SumaGrow per hectare one month after first application.
  3. Apply 2.5 litres  IOA SumaGrow per hectare @ 50 day intervals for the balance of the season


Application Notes : 

  1. The IOA SumaGrow sugarcane application rate is 20 litres per hectare annually.
  2. Note Monitor plant health improvements. Re-evaluate requirements – it is possible preventative disease control measures may be reduced.( refer 5. )
  3. Fungicide Intolerance : IOA SumaGrow needs to be applied to your crop no less than 30 days of any fungicide application.
  4.  IOA SumaGrow demonstrates multifaceted effects pertaining to increased plant growth, chlorophyll content, Brix, early flowering and maturity, enhanced root nodulation and disease suppression or systemic acquired resistance or induction of host defensive mechanism. The overall effect produces greater yield with reduced input of chemical fertiliser and pesticide.
  5. It is recommended that N-P-K application rates be reduced by 50% when using IOA SumaGrow.
  6. If soil organic matter (OM) is low (i.e. heavy sand or heavy clay soils) increase the initial application rate by 2.5L /Ha.
  7. Avoid extreme temperatures. Store at 4°C – 26°C.
  8. Double check fertigation calibration prior to application.
  9. Apply in late afternoon or at sundown to ensure optimal absorption

Co-Application Notes.

  1. IOA SumaGrow can be co-applied through a metered irrigation system.
  2. IOA SumaGrow can be applied with some liquid fertilisers and herbicides. A jar compatibility test is always recommended prior to application.
  3. IOA SumaGrow should NOT BE CO-APPLIED with fungicides and fumigants.

Product potential :

1. Evidence of improved stem vigour & darkening leaf intensity within 7 days.
2. Yield improvement* as per global trials. 10-20%
3. Reduction of chemical input ( fertiliser & pesticide )
4. Reduction of $ cost input / ha
5. Reduction of 50% – 100% in nitrate loss / run-off


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Note: It is accepted results will vary depending on local conditions to a greater or lesser degree. Whilst every care is taken in the formation of indicators no responsibility can be taken for the accuracy of these crop forecasts in any particular zone.